India hosts “Legalize Marijuana” Meet for the first time

On the 10th of May, for the first time in India, a conference on legalizing marijuana was held in Bangalore. Speakers at the country’s Medical Cannabis Conference conducted an open study on the ability of marijuana to cure cancer and other ailments. The conference was organized by Viki Vaurora, a 23 year old recording engineer and musician. The primary motive of this conference was to educate people about the medicinal advantages of cannabis. The conference was organized specially for media students, doctors and senior students.

Smoking the leaves of Marijuana

Rick Simpson, a Canadian and founder of Phoenix Tears, was among the first in the world to extract cannabis oil with the purpose of treating cancer. He claimed that he could use cannabis successfully to cure many. According to Rick Simpson, it is high time that patients suffering from cancer take resort to cannabis extract instead of going in for radiation or chemotherapy which is painful. Mr.Simpson is in the forefront of the Legalizing Marijuana Campaign. He feels that although herbal drugs are cheap, patients are being denied the right to the curative properties of marijuana. Moreso, as governments are in the hand of the large pharmaceutical companies, the use of marijuana extract continues to remains limited. The Canadian emphasized that properties of marijuana could empower individuals to treat their ailments on their own. He stressed on the fact that decriminalizing marijuana is easier to attain in India as it is considered as the homeland of cannabis.

Vaurora supported Mr. Simpson by stating that governments should not enjoy the right to tell people what they should consume and what they cannot. He added that the governments allow companies to sell tobacco and alcohol which have been proven to be more harmful than marijuana. He drove his logic by including that marijuana is not addictive and neither is it associated with any adverse effects.


Celebrities And Their Casual Moments With Marijuana

Celebrities have never backed away from revealing their smoking habits. Whether you refer to it as cannabis, weed or pot,celebrities are no exception when it comes to trying the substance. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have spoken about their casual experiences with marijuana.

Sweet Leaf Marijuana

Seth Rogen has been very open about smoking the pot. Presently, he is an active member of NORML or National Organization for the Reform Law of Marijuana. Interestingly, President Barack Obama too has admitted to inhaling the pot frequently as a kid. In a candid interview, the President revealed that he smoked the pot in the past and does not find it more harmful than alcohol. This revelation surprised many as they had never imagined that the Prez would come up with something like this. Moreover,he expressed his support for the new laws which legalize the use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington.

Marijuana Flavour Drops

The famous comedian, Bill Maher has strongly expressed his belief that it is the pot’s turn to be legalized now. He had a little piece of advice for kids who wanted to experiment with marijuana for the first time. Maher said that the kids should be well-connected to their parents before they try marijuana. A couple of years back Justin Trudeau admitted to smoking the pot during his tenure as the member of he Parliament in Canada. Surprisingly, admitting to smoking weed earned Justin Trudeau the support of 17% of Canadians who used the pot occasionally. In addition, last year, Bill Gates voted for legalization of marijuana in Washington. A biography on the business magnate states that marijuana was the pharmaceutical of choice” for him.  Moreover, the philanthropist felt that legalization of marijuana would have an effect on the illegal trafficking of the drug. Mr. Gates also feels that a couple of states should observe the impact of the legalization before it becomes a national policy.

Medical Properties Of Marijuana Can Heal Arthritis

Recent findings have revealed that use of marijuana can prove helpful to patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This primer elucidates how the use of marijuana can fight the inflammation of joints and alleviate pain. It has been estimated that more than 31 million Americans are suffering from arthritis today where the two common forms are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Arthritis is a medical condition which affects the joints causing unbearable pain, swelling and limits the mobility. Studies suggest that rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the malfunctioning of the immune system which in turn affects the movement of the joints and erodes the bones.

Sweet leaf Marijuana

Relief from rheumatoid arthritis :

In the recent research conducted by experts, it has been discovered that cannabis based therapies have been effective in treating arthritis. The analgesic property in cannabis heals the extremely painful condition bringing relief to the patients. It is surprising to note that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis were known even in 2000 B.C. Evidence of this has been found in Chinese texts. Further supporting the evidence, a recent survey shows that smoking the weed regularly can calm the arthritis pain. Anti-inflammatory effects have been found in the substance.

Flavour drops of Marijuana Leaf

Healing properties of cannabis :

Moreover, health experts today believe that cannabis can reduce a patient’s reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, mostly the painkillers. After the medical community has expressed a strong interest in cannabis, few well-known pharmaceutical companies are trying to capitalize on the healing properties of cannabis. They are creating products which are cannabis-based. Interestingly, a recent journal on marijuana published that marijuana fights the inflammation of the joints by activating the CB2 receptors. The chemical which activates the CB2 receptors can suppress the inflammatory molecules involved in causing rheumatoid arthritis.

How marijuana works :

The immune-modulation properties in cannabis also helps to combat the painful rheumatoid arthritis. The immuno-modulatory properties of sterols and sterolins( which are groups of fats) have been found to be good alternatives to the conventional treatments of rheumatoid arthritis. Pre-clinical data has also revealed that cannabinoids moderate the progression rate of the painful medical condition. Among all the chemicals which are present in sweet leaf marijuana,delta-9-tetrahydrocanabinol or THC combines with the receptors in in the brain and creates an analgesic effect which brings respite from chronic pain. Thus, we can conclude that cannabis can be an effective potential therapy for those who are suffering from this long-term, degenerative disease.

A Guide to Choosing The Right Music For Your Party

Right music is a crucial element of a successful party. Music sets the perfect mood and keeps the guests entertained. It plays an important role as it is the only medium through which you can affect someone’s emotions. You cannot deny the power of music when it comes to influencing the mood. If you have plans of hosting a party for your friends, music is one of the first things which you should consider. Although you as the host enjoy the privilege of choosing the music for the party, make sure that you keep your friends in mind when finalizing the playlist.

Party Stuff

Keep the party in mind :

When you plan the music, take a look at the guest list and try figuring out which kind of music will go well with the theme of the party. Narrow down on a genre of music in which your friends will let their hair down. The music which you chose will depend to an extent on the kind of party you want to host. Gentle music would be ideal if it is a dinner party, on the other hand if it is a party for the teens you can opt for loud music. When it is a get together with intimate friends you are planning,do make sure that the music is not louder than the levels of conversation.


Narrowing down on right music :

The theme of your party should match the music which you decide to play. The best songs should be played at the peak of the party. If you want your guests to enjoy, choose the perfect mix of slow and fast songs. It is a good idea to create a poll as you list songs which belong to different genre. Choosing the right songs and creating the right playlist will determine whether your party is a success or not. With a diverse set of songs you can keep your guests entertained throughout the party. A certain song may be close to your heart, but it may not be the right one to get the feet tapping. Thus, keep the environment in mind as you select the songs.


Innovative Ways of Inviting Guests To A Party

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”-Robin Williams

At times, we find it challenging to create interesting invitation cards. Of course there is nothing wrong with sending printed invitations to your guests. However, today there are several innovative and interesting ways in which you can invite your guests over. By taking a step further, you can add a personal touch to the invitations. After you are ready with the guest list, the first step in planning a party is to send out the invitations. With the right party invitation, you can set the perfect mood for the party. Let the design and words in your invitation, generate a sense of excitement in the guests, you propose to invite over.

Party Stuff

Unique and special :

Party invitations today have come a long way from the traditional invitation cards. Custom invitations which you make on your own can be exciting and great fun. If it is a beach party which you have in your mind, send beach balls with the party information to your friends. If it’s a karaoke party your friends are looking forward to, few toy microphones, attach the party information to it and send it across to the invitees. This will set the mood for fun, frolic, music and mirth. On the other hand, for a classy afternoon tea party, you can consider the dainty tea bags, place them in a pretty bag along with the details of the party and get it delivered to your guests.

Party Accessories

Interesting ways to invite :

When it’s an intimate gathering which is in your plans, you can opt for a paperless post. Sending digital invitations is fun as you can customize it according to your preferences. As you place the words on the invitation, make sure that you ask the guests to be on time. Select a design for the invitation which is in sync with the theme of the party. If an e-invitation is not an idea which matches your plans, you can consider sending a scroll in a box full of chocolate and cookies. If you are celebrating your anniversary or your promotion, sending the party invitations with a bottle of champagne is a wonderful idea.

As today’s concept of party it is more important with party stuff, decoration and invitations are contemporary and innovative, let your imagination run wild and get creative. Let the invitations speak your personal style and creativity. Unique and clever party invitations will add a streak of fun to the pre-party buzz.

Organize a Stunning Boat Party

So you want people around the town talk about your celebrations? Do you want to organize a party that would turn heads around? A boat party would be the most unique and enticing way to celebrate the special event. 10341709_1614365872126352_8121737329088022002_n

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Boat parties can be expensive and mostly people leading a high class livelihood can afford to organize stunning boat/ yacht parties. Boat parties can be enjoyed amidst the scenic beauty of the ocean where you can relax and rejuvenate along with your guests. But organizing boat parties is not an easy task since you have to make sure everything has to be perfect. So if you have made up your mind to arrange the perfect up street party, here are a few tips that’ll help you:
Choose the Right Boat/ Yacht: You can find variety of party boats at party boat rental agencies. Choose a boat/ yacht that suit your celebration. You will also have to check whether the boat you choose is available on your preferred date or not. Choose a destination that is accessible to all your guests. Picture14444

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Plan your Budget: You need to have a proper budget to arrange a luxurious event. Boats and yachts are available from reasonable range to luxury high-class ones. If you want to make the event memorable and you don’t have a tight budget, it would be a good idea to rent an upmarket boat. You can hire an event management company to decorate the boat as per theme you’ve chosen. They can also arrange for music, games, dance at a special price.
Add a Special Touch to your Boat Party: A high class party is inane without alcohol and smoke. To make the most out of the event arrange for pipes, bongs and chillums. To make it even more chic you can arrange for e-cigarettes, flavour drops for pipes and bongs, party masks and sunglasses. Special beer mugs and wine glasses can also add a special touch. Be sure your guests will appreciate your efforts.
Food is Important: No party is complete with sumptuous and mouth-watering food. Luxurious boats and yachts have inbuilt dining options with plush decor. You can ask the boat renting agency to arrange for waiters and waitresses to offer drinks and cocktails to the guests while they party. Also make sure you have tasted the food before ordering. Good food is a must for high class parties.
You can arrange for fireworks and magic shows depending upon the purpose of the party. If you have planned a casual party, you can make it more interesting by arranging scuba diving as well.

Make Your Party Happening With Fun Games

A party is incomplete without games. A few fun games will keep your guests entertained in a party. In most parties today the guests are hooked to their phones and busy texting instead of socializing and interacting with the people present. Thus, a few fabulous games will act as an effective ice-breaker and will keep your guests entertained. If you are planning a party in the next few days, it’s time to add a soul to the event and make it vibrant.Picture1999


Unwind with musical chairs

Keep the soiree lively with musical chairs. Transport your guests to the days of childhood with this popular game. This classic game never grows old and promises a few thrilling moments. To get started with this game, place a few chairs such that they are facing away from each other. Make sure that total number of the chairs is one less than the number of participants in the game. Start the music and let it play for sometime as the guests move around the chairs. Once you stop the music moment let your guests grab a chair. The sudden scramble for a chair is what makes the game interesting.


Source: witmergroup

The blindman’s swag

Another funny game is the blindman’s swag. To begin this game you need to divide the players into couples. One partner in a couple needs to be blindfolded. To make the game interesting make sure that the individual is blindfolded right so that he cannot peek and spoil the game. For this game, the player who is not blindfolded must stand still in one place and guide the other player to a prize which is kept in the room. This player can only make use of words to guide the other player to the target. It is hilarious for the other players to watch the two trying at the game.

Pass the ‘hot potato’ around

Finally, one hilarious game is the “hot potato”. All you need for this game is music and a potato. Begin the game with lively music. The players will have to pretend that the potato is hot and toss it around before the music stops. The person who has the potato when the music stops will be eliminated. The last player to remain will be declared as the winner and will bag the prize.

Include one of these games in your party and enhance the level of enthusiasm and thrill. These interesting games will excite your guests and promise them some thrilling moments.